I am always stuck when it comes to writing these ‘About’ pages.  I feel personally that I am in a constant state of flux, so it’s difficult to say anything true, and I’d hate to lie to you all.  I’d like to think that this would change with age, but it hasn’t!  I’ve felt this way a long time, literally all of my life…and I mean that literally, not ‘figuratively.’   In fact because literally now means figuratively, I’m going to start using figuratively ironically.  So to amend my previous statement, I’ve figuratively felt that way my entire life, that I as a personality am in a constant state of flux, struggling to answer some overwhelming question.

Initially this blog was to be about my travails trying to start a company and go to art school and work as a consultant.  Because those are the conditions of my life, it will be about those things, but also all of the other things…the little things, the seedy life things and secrets that linger and ferment in the entrails of the late evening.


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